Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why Are Some Men/Women Prefer A Committed Woman/Man?

This question has been going on for centuries. So far the answers that I have aren't enough to explain this but it will definitely help shed a light on this topic. I have three reasons, and I will elaborate them here.

Some men/women prefer a committed woman/man (more over a married one) because of that "sense of security". Everybody wants to find someone who can commit themselves into a relationship. And what better way to have it? Find someone who already knows how to commit! In this case, these paramours covet this one thing that they can't have and will do everything to have it. I have read this quote somewhere and it got stuck in my head. In my opinion this is the answer to that question that you ask your partner, "What is it that she/he sees in you?". To those who are already committed (more over already married), you can relate to this quote: "Whatever attracted you to that person that made you love him/her will be the same reasons why you will hate him/her". I'll give an example, I am fond of my husband's geekiness, his non-stop talking and reasoning with me. I thought that I am the only one who likes this trait but apparently a lot of women do! And so I hated this trait of his but I can't do anything about it since I can't change it! Now back to that "sense of security" statement. Seeing someone who is totally committed to their respective partners, the ones who are providing security and love for their partners is very tempting to the eyes of the predator. Especially if she/he is having this hunger for this kind of attention.

Which brings me to this next reason. This is the worst kind of all. Some men/women prefer a committed woman/man just for the "sense of winning" against the competition - which is unfortunately the innocent (and sometimes ignorant) partner. They are thrilled to flirt and mingle with the committed ones just to prove to themselves that they are still "attractive" and "wanted". Basically, to feed their BIG EGO. This kind makes the biggest part of the population of those who are "committed men/women" chasers. And they are the most dangerous, since they will do everything, even the unimaginable, just to get the fish to bite the bait! And after catching the prey they will play with it and torture it, even the ones that they love and care about, then after they are through with it, or when they have found another big fish to catch, they will throw it away like nothing happened. These people have their prides on a high pedestal and they will not bow down to anyone.

Now this one is shocking, really. Another reason why they prefer a committed man/woman: they are afraid to get committed themselves! Yeah. I've heard this from a friend who we noticed that she prefers to have a "crush" on committed men. Very surprising revelation, isn't it? I've never thought of this reason before and come to think of it, she has a point! They are afraid of having a committed relationship so they look for these kind of people, they know that someone who is already committed wouldn't be available for another one that's as serious as the other one.

Now, what I've written here came from real-life experiences, I have seen and heard these things over and over again. I only gave you the gist. And if ever there will come a time that I will know more reasons behind this topic I will update this blog.

In the meantime I want to share with you this blog and let this be a warning to get you thinking about dating a married, or a committed man.. which may also apply to women, I suppose. :D